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About Me

Connecting to the natural self

Scottish expressive artist, graduated with BA Hons in Fine art from DJCAD, before travelling Europe; where she settled for a while and continued to develop her craft, learning from other artists in Barcelona whilst teaching English. Rebecca’s work is highly energy driven with a connection to nature, she varies focus using music to develop work in a more unconscious manner, as an art therapy. Her double vision is also reflected in the movement on canvas, the way she sees the world, in varying textures and motion.

Throughout her life the arts were an escape and a life saver.

A photograph of Becca Gallacher standing smiling by the water of leith with her hands in her pockets.
Abstract painting by Becca Gallacher depicting a magical walk up the hillside in Scotland at sunrise, the colours are bold and bright and the movement is expressive and energetic.

“I remember my mother drawing round my face at the kitchen table. I can still feel the touch of the pencil on the bridge of my nose, as I think about her tracing my profile. I can't have been more than 6 and I thought my mum was amazing, I thought how cool it was; that you can put someones features on a page with only a few small motions. It made me so excited, I just wanted to try it over and over.


Addiction, abuse, self-hate and grief were simply not openly spoken about in the 90s nor understood. Only recently have I really felt able to speak more openly about some of my struggles. There comes a point, many points, where life can break you, you spiral and you lose sight of what you could be, of your abilities, the love in your life, the beauty and a future. Living with anxiety from a young age, I would live in such extremes of feeling or numbness.


Art was always my go to as a kid, whether I painted or drew or sang I would be myself completely, in those moments in my art-world bubble. My art keeps me grounded and in the sky at the same time. There are periods when I cannot pick up a pencil or a brush but when I can it takes me to a place where there is not grief or pain, only beauty and colour and movement. Even when I produce work I don’t like, It takes me somewhere safe. Sitting at the kitchen table with my mum as a kid drawing each others profiles.”

Becca's work varies from ink drawings to large scale multimedia pieces, all capturing a sense of freedom, liveliness and impulse. Her colour palette is one of playful variety, though you tend to see a theme of seasons throughout her work. She paints and draws, looking for the exquisite in the every-day, whereby she can draw out the excitement she feels walking through a field, gazing into the world of a book, touching petals, looking through the trees, into the moving waves, trickling streams, rushing rivers and waterfalls or gazing into the sky.

In 2020 I founded social enterprise little living room to support creatives struggling to break into the sector. All work I do with little living room supports this find out more about little living room here.

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